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Established in the year 1956, we are the India’s one of the oldest and largest importers, exporters & distributors of various printing related products. We are the pioneers in the Stamping Foil industry and having wide knowledge and experience of more than three decades in this field. We are also known as THE STAMPING FOIL PEOPLE. Our product is sold under brand name of STP foils. One can get the highest quality and wide range of STP foils products under one roof with reliable service and at the most economical prices. We understand that the most important factor in hot stamp decoration is durability and workability, which we deliver.

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Why STP Foils

  • STP foils has its own brand value & image in the market and is the most reliable & trusted product in the industry.
  • STP foils pay much attention on quality improvement and new product developments.
  • STP foils are more versatile and one product could be used for multiple substrate printing thereby one can reduce its inventory.
  • STP foils have broad range of functionality, colors, shades, patterns with different decal sizes to suit one’s need and thereby one can have zero wastage. Saving on wastage adds profit resulting in healthy balance sheet of the company.
    Customized sizes available on request.
  • STP foils are not only decorative, but also features functional characteristics as  esistance to abrasion, fade, heat distortion, moisture and chemical resistance and work well on flat-bed & rotary high speed machiness.
  • STP foils are suitable from very fine hairline cutting jobs to broad patch jobs and the most impressive feature is that all the range of Hot Stamping Foils are over printable.
  • STP foils are very economical in price without compromising on the quality.